ATS - Express PREP

Effective June 24, 2017, ATS will be offering a new option for PREP only retesters.

The Express PREP is a testing option designed for Applicants who have prior experience completing the PREP test and Shuttle Run.  Applicants must have successfully completed their most recent PREP test, since November 2015, to be eligible for the Express PREP.

Upon registration, Applicants will proceed to the gym to view a demonstration of the PREP test and Shuttle Run.  The Express PREP format does not include a detailed introduction and does not include a formal warm up.  The pursuit restraint circuit will be available for use for approximately 15 minutes following the demonstration and ATS staff will be available to answer any questions and clarify any concerns during this time.  ATS Appraisers will proceed directly into testing after the allotted 15 minute warm up period has elapsed.

To register for the Express PREP, please click here.