Custom Testing Solutions

Custom Solutions For Your Organization

Let ATS help you with the pre-screening portion of your hiring process. We’ll tell you what to hire, not who to hire. We specialize in the pre-screening of applicants; delivering aptitude, writing skills and fitness tests; as well as conducting vision and hearing assessments.

ATS can assist you with your hiring process. We can screen and rank candidates according to your needs.

ATS delivers the Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) Entry-Level Firefighter Test.

ATS is a non-biased, fair, consistent and professional human resources firm.

ATS appraisers can deliver your physical fitness tests.

ATS can professionally proctor your pre-hiring tests.


Other Services:

Physical Job Related Tests.

Delivery and scoring of the Teamwork KSA, General Aptitude Testing Battery (GATB) and the Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) Entry-Level Firefighter Test.

Interviewing for a competency based selection process including the formulating of questions and rating scales.

Applicant submission package evaluation, using a template that is unique to your organization for fine screening of qualified candidates.


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