Police Constable - General Information

Congratulations on taking the first step toward a career in policing.

Applicant Testing Services, Inc. (ATS) is an independent firm that specializes in conducting screening tests for police hiring. ATS has been engaged by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (O.A.C.P.) to conduct the pre-interview screening procedure as part of the Constable Selection System process.

This website outlines the standardized tests currently in use. Please read each page carefully and follow the directions for registration. It is imperative that you complete the pre-interview screening component as a prerequisite to the police services' fine screening stage.

The following flowchart has been designed to provide an overview of the steps required to become a Police Constable.  The process starts with self-assessment, proceeds to the pre-interview testing with ATS, and concludes with the fine screen process of the Constable Selection System.