Firefighter - Testing Information


Description: The CPS Entry-Level Firefighter Test evaluates:

  • Understanding oral information - The ability to understand and remember information presented orally.
  • Reading and Understanding Written Information - The ability to read and understand firefighter material.
  • Numerical Skills - The ability to understand mathematical reasoning.
  • Maps, Diagrams and Mechanical Reasoning - The ability to understand and draw conclusions about diagrams.
  • Teamwork/Public Relations/Community Living - The ability to demonstrate the interpersonal skills required to get along with others in a community situation.

Test Administration: The CPS Test is a 2-hour paper-and-pencil test (English language).

Validity Period: A successful result on the CPS Test remains valid for a period of one (1) year.

Re-Test Waiting Period: Candidates who are unsuccessful on the CPS test must, however, wait for a period of three (3) months before they can write the test again with ATS.

Note: Upon completion of the CPS Test, an ATS Test Results Profile (TRP) will be emailed to you within 3-5 business days. Successful applicants will be eligible to use the results with any Fire Department using ATS for the pre-interview testing.

For a listing of Fire Services that are currently hiring, please go to the Firefighter Recruiting page.