Firefighter - Fees

Current Fees:

(All fees shown are in Canadian Dollars.)

Testing Fees:

First Time Applicant - (CDN) $135.04 ($119.50 + HST)
CPS Retest
- (CDN) $90.40 ($80.00 + HST)

Additional Fees:

Cancellation Fee - (CDN) $50.00
Reschedule Fee
- (CDN) $50.00 if done after the registration deadline, no fee if before.
Late Registration Fee
- (CDN) $50.00
Test Results Profile Replacement Fee
- (CDN) $25.00

**To cancel or reschedule your test date, please contact ATS by phone**

  • All testing fees include registration, administration, marking and reporting of results.

  • Total testing fee is required with your registration to process your application. Registration will not be processed until payment is received in the ATS office.

  • Payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard, INTERAC OnlineĀ® ,Money Order or Certified Cheque payable to "ATS Inc." PERSONAL CHEQUES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

  • Once your payment is processed, a confirmation package will be forwarded to you.

ATS believes the applicant is entitled to expect a "return" on this investment.  We feel this "return" is realized in the following ways:

  • Successful applicants will be eligible to use the results with any Fire Department using ATS for the pre-interview testing.

  • ATS will inform candidates about future hiring initiatives.

  • It allows applicants an opportunity to indicate related experiences and certifications.

  • Applicants are provided with feedback relative to personal performance.

  • It is cost effective to interested candidates as they only participate in one session of the pre-interview screening process applicable to selected Fire Departments.

As part of our service, applicants experiencing difficulty meeting the fee schedule are encouraged to phone an ATS Customer Service Representative to discuss payment options.